Cervical Cancer Modeling

The Cervical Working Group (CWG) consists of five modeling groups and a coordinating center. New technologies, including screening tests and vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus known to cause cervical cancer, are dramatically changing the landscape of cervical cancer control in the US and worldwide. In order to address important evidence gaps, the CWG will continue their comparative modeling collaboration to evaluate the harms, benefits, and cost-effectiveness of screening and vaccination strategies, and will disseminate findings to inform health policies and decisions. The specific aims are:

  1. To quantify the health benefits, harms, and costs of current cervical cancer prevention strategies, including HPV vaccination and screening.
  2. To evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of forthcoming technologies and approaches for cervical cancer control.
  3. To evaluate HPV vaccination and screening strategies in reducing cervical cancer disparities.
  4. To evaluate the potential for and timing of cervical cancer elimination as a public health problem in the US.
  5. To identify optimal strategies for cervical cancer control among women living with HIV.
  6. To ensure wide dissemination of findings and improve transparency, understanding, and confidence in model-based analyses of cervical cancer control.

Research Highlights

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