For over 20 years, NCI-funded CISNET investigators have been conducting impactful research across the cancer control spectrum. Using detailed computer simulation models of cancer natural history, researchers fill evidence gaps by translating innovations in cancer research to design strategies that most effectively deploy these innovations to maximize their population impact. Recognized by the National Academy of Medicine, modeling methods are key tools for policy evaluation and comparative effectiveness research especially in the current era in which the consideration of long-term benefits, harms and costs are ever more critical. The CISNET collaborative has not only advanced the practice of simulation modeling but also informed clinical and policy decisions affecting population health, including work in support of US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations. The consortium was awarded the 2020 Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM)’s John M. Eisenberg Award for Practical Application of Medical Decision Making Research.

CISNET investigators welcome opportunities for collaboration. Please contact us to find out more.