Awarded Grants for CISNET IV

This page lists the CISNET IV (2015-2020) grantees. The lists for CISNET I (2000-2005) and CISNET II (2005-2010) as well as CISNET III are also available.

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Breast Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Jeanne Mandelblatt, MD, MPH (Georgetown University)


Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD University of Wisconsin
Donald Berry, PhD University of Texas MD Anderson
Sandra J Lee, DSc Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harry de Koning, MD, PhD Erasmus MC
Sylvia Plevritris, PhD Stanford University
Clyde Schechter, MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Comparative Modeling:Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice & Policy

Cervical Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Jane Kim, PhD (Harvard School of Public Health)


Marjolein van Ballegooijen, MD, PhD Erasmus University
Ruanne Barnabas, MD, MSc, DPhil University of Washington
Karen Canfell, DPhil University New South Wales Australia
Shalini Kulasingam, PhD, MPH University of Minnesota

Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies


Colorectal Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Ann Zauber, PhD (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)


Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar, PhD Erasmus MC
Karen Kuntz, DSc University of Minnesota- School of Public Health
Carolyn Rutter, PhD Group Health Research Institute

Comparative Modeling of Colorectal Cancer: Informing Health Policies and Prioritizing Future Research

Esophageal Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Chin Hur, MD (Columbia University Irving Medical Center)


Georg Luebeck, PhD Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
John Inadomi, MD University of Washington

Controlling Esophageal Cancer: A Collaborative Modeling Project

Lung Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Rafael Meza, PhD (Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Technology Assessment)


Joey Kong, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital
Harry de Koning, MD, PhD Erasmus MC
David Levy, PhD Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Sylvia Plevritis, PhD Stanford University
Theodore Holford, PhD Yale School of Public Health through Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation

Comparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Control Policies

Prostate Cancer Group

Coordinating Center PI: Ruth Etzioni, PhD (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)


Harry de Koning, MD, PhD Erasmus MC
Alexander Tsodikov, PhD University of Michigan

Modeling to improve prostate cancer outcomes across diverse populations

CISNET Affiliate Program

In the spirit of open collaboration, CISNET encourages the participation of modelers who are not currently funded through the CISNET mechanism. Investigators working on population modeling of cancer trends who wish to be associated with the CISNET group may apply for affiliate status. Applicants for affiliate status are required to submit a written statement summarizing their prior related work to the Coordinating Center PI from the appropriate cancer site. If collaboration is deemed to be mutually beneficial, the prospective Affiliate and the Coordinating Center PI will work together to write a Statement of Work describing the intended collaborations with the CISNET group. Unanimous approval by CISNET PIs for the relevant cancer site and one designated NCI staff member will be required for affiliate status to be granted. Affiliates attend meetings, share results, and participate in joint collaborations when applicable.