Breast Cancer Modeling

The CISNET Breast Working Group is in its fourth round of funding. Six modeling groups and a coordinating center are funded to conduct collaborative modeling research to address critical early detection and clinical management issues in breast cancer. The groups will continue to model breast cancer as four separate subtypes (based on hormonal receptor and HER2 status), so that they are well positioned to project the impact of the most promising emerging cancer control strategies and technologies. The specific aims are as follows:

  1. Evaluate the population impact of using polygenic risk to inform screening strategies.
  2. Assess use of emerging imaging technologies for population screening.
  3. Evaluate the clinical management of screen-detected DCIS.
  4. Evaluate the impact of new molecular pathway and genomic tumor profile-targeted treatment paradigms in the adjuvant setting and at recurrence.
  5. Synthesize research from Aims 1 to 4 to quantify the relative contributions of new paradigms for screening and clinical management on current and future US mortality trends.

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